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Key Sectors

Wai Ming has electrical capabilities in some of the most complex and demanding projects built in the region ranging from aviation projects, healthcare facilities, mixed use developments, road and rail projects.

Our M&E team provide complete turnkey solution including design, coordination, manufacture, fabrication, testing and commissioning and setting up of M&E systems. 

Electrical Services 

Our in-house engineers and front line teams of electrical specialist have a deep understanding of the all aspects of electrical services from medium voltage to low voltage including all extra low voltage specialist services.  

Our electrical capabilities include:  

  • Low, medium and high voltage electrical systems 

  • Stand-by, back-up and clean power 

  • Central Battery Systems 

  • Building Management Systems 

  • Lightning Protection Systems 

  • Earthling and Grounding Systems 

  • Isolated Power Supply Systems 

  • Energy Management Systems 

  • Fibre Optic and Copper cabling systems 

  • Active components and networks 

  • Security Systems – Access, Closed-Circuit Television, Intruder 

  • Internal / External Emergency lighting systems 

  • Specialist and Feature Lighting Systems 

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Mechanical Services 

Our teams of engineers and mechanical specialist possess extensive technical knowledge of the all aspects of mechanical services from district cooling to building chilled water systems, and complex ventilation systems, such as those provided in our road tunnel projects.  

Our mechanical capabilities include:  


  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 

  • District Cooling Facilities 

  • Water Process Facilities 

  • Mechanical Plant Systems 

  • Gas Installation 

  • Industrial and Medical Gases 

  • Compressed Air Systems 

  • Refrigeration Systems 

  • Clean Room Installations 

  • SCADA Control systems 

  • Steam Systems 

  • Medical Gas systems 

Data Centres 

We have experience within our global group in the implementation of critical infrastructure for hyperscale, enterprise and co-located data centres. We understand the importance of critical power and cooling within a data centre and will identify any potential single points of failure within our customers designs. Our design and build capability combined with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to develop innovative solutions to enhance the performance of the facility.    

Our data centre capabilities include:  

  • Early contractor involvement 

  • Design and build 

  • Feasibility and audit studies  

  • Building Information Modelling and digital engineering 

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics  

  • Critical power 

  • Critical cooling 

  • Distributed Control System 

  • Security systems 

  • ISO cleaning 

  • Commissioning 

  • Load bank testing and simulation 

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We have extensive experience in delivering full MEP services in a fully operational airport facility. We possess deep knowledge and understanding of

the local authority’s processes and procedures that enable us to efficiently manage the interfaces with all airport system end users and stakeholders.

Our MEP capabilities and specialist systems include:

  • Fire, life safety

  • Security and access

  • Voice and Data

  • Converged networks

  • Passenger management

  • Building management and control

  • Baggage Handling System and Trolley Recirculation System

  • Closed Circuit Television System

  • Access Control System

  • Office Security Access Control Auto Release

  • Trunked Mobile Radio

  • Public Address

  • AA Network

  • Wireless Network

  • Video Data Cable

  • Time of Day Clock System

  • Airport Private Automatic Branch Exchange System

  • Smart Carpark Management System

  • Carpark and vehicle access control system equipment

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