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Our Services

Wai Ming MEP Services are structured to provide support, expertise and management to navigate through the entire life cycle of your critical facility.

Our MEP specialists will guide you through every critical stage from preliminary feasibility assessment to final testing and commissioning.

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Building on these strengths enables Wai Ming MEP Services to maximise the benefits at the early Audit, Feasibility and Design stages to demonstrate the level confidence in the critical infrastructure installation that will lead to a seamless Testing and Commissioning phase of the project.

1. Early Engineering and BIM

Early contractor involvement, including a design review of the proposed facility, can help to ensure that "value enhancements" and "cutting edge technologies" are integrated into the project.

We have the expertise and capabilities to:

  • undertake the complete BIM preparation for all MEP services, including specialist systems such as fire, and life safety and airport systems,

  • review critical plant (cooling system, UPS, standby power and electrical distribution) to allow early procurement,

  • review specialist systems, such as fire, security, aviation fuel and airport systems to ensure all dependencies are identified and included within the BIM and engineering layouts, and

  • review risk in the design for any single point of failure with recommended options for mitigation.

Construction Workers
Construction Workers
2. Feasibility Assessment

During the early contractor involvement and BIM Engineering phase we can offer a detailed feasibility report to illustrate the challenges and opportunities of the scheme, including:

  • a detailed R&O assessment for further stakeholder collaboration,

  • identification of commercial aspects that can impact the project, and

  • formulation of an off site prefabrication strategy, with a view of de risking the programme

3. Project Planning and Preparation

Our Project Teams consist of technical experts with local Hong Kong knowledge that has earned us a reputation of quality and on time delivery of critical projects Our approach includes

  • MEP experts to lead the project from conception to final handover with a focus on the critical stages essential for a successful outcome,

  • planning, preparation and procurement based on local knowledge and experience in overcoming logistical and organisational challenges in the local market,

  • programme development to suit all project stakeholders’ requirements with immediate focus on testing and commissioning,

  • application of digital engineering tools to plan, check, and simulate the facility and its construction, and

  • exploration of off site pre fabrication and modularisation

Construction Workers
Construction Workers
Off-site Prefabrication Strategy

From concept to reality, we can design, supply, install, test and commission off site package solutions.
As the solution of prefabrication removes traditional work activities from the construction site this provides benefits to the project such as

  • Time and cost savings

  • Reduction in safety risks

  • Improved quality with less snags and defects

  • More certainty in programme delivery

  • Reduced reliance on a site based workforce INTERNATIONAL

4. Delivery, Quality and Assurance

Wai Ming MEP Services will work closely with the client’s team to ensure the facility is constructed and delivered to the highest standards Wai Ming follows a quality vision of “Right First Time” by

  • acting as single point of contact for all MEP and mission critical specialist services,

  • providing live construction information on the status of the installation from commencement to completion,

  • applying in house digital engineering team and tools to monitor delivery against the agreed programme, project budgets and quality,

  • appointing a team of quality managers and inspectors to control the quality throughout the life cycle of the construction phase, and

  • instilling a high degree of vertical integration to maintain and control the process, improve efficiencies, and ensure quality and safety performance.

Construction Workers
Construction Workers
5. Commissioning Management

Our expert testing and commissioning teams provide an extensive range of services tailored towards critical infrastructures and complex MEP environments

  • Early and accurate planning of a commissioning programme

  • Independent Commissioning Manager to prepare test scripts and protocols

  • Internal testing and commissioning strategy with witnessing by in house commissioning management team and involvement of "Subject Matter Experts”

  • Stakeholder engagement in weekly commissioning and completion meetings

  • Commissioning and completion reporting via digital software with client access available

  • Site Acceptance Testing ( including a clear and detailed sequence and programme

  • Integrated Systems Testing (IST) with (depending on end user requirements) involvement of 3 rd Party Testing and Commissioning Agent

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